Wildlife At Risk


Wild animals are becoming harder to spot in Vietnam

The animals at the rescue centre are often taken from horrendous situations. The centre rehabilitates them aiming to place them back in the wild. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. The WAR team work in very trying circumstances, the problems are multifaceted and come from every level imaginable.

After an overwhelming visit to the rescue center myself and 2 friends (one a tour operator and one a project manager) decided to do what we could. We produced a poster and a cd-rom aimed at tour operators - inviting them to make an additional stop on their itinerary.

Every tourist that visits raises awareness of the problems. Every t-shirt and bottle of water sold helps develop the centre. The camouflage pattern idea came from our insight “you just don’t see any of these animals in Vietnam”. 

The aim was something endearing, approachable and engaging. I wanted it to be emotional without being cute or shocking.

Photography by Peter Stuckings. With thanks to Chris Elkin

This work will be featured in a new book Green Graphics by Index Books and was shown on the CR Feed.

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