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Vietnamese folklore tells us that a benevolent dragon resides in each of the nine mouths of the Mekong River. It is in the hillock areas of these fertile Delta lands that the unique strain of dragon blood rice grows full and lush.

The rice is Eco friendly and Fair Trade. Furthermore husking, sifting and packaging are done by local villagers creating additional employment. It is also healthier Rice; during the husking process, the bran layer is only partly removed, as it is within the bran layer that the majority of beneficial nutrients are stored.

The simple design balances with the traditional illustration (by the brilliant Andrew Denholm) which uses the Mekong river to weave the journey of rice as it is grown, harvested, transported and sold. Mekong Red Dragon Rice is available to buy in supermarkets in Vietnam from April 2010. It will also available online at

Mekong Red Dragon Rice was acclaimed on and It also made the showcase on the prestigious

Duck Rice

Packaging work for Xanh (meaning green in Vietnamese), Duck Rice is their first product. Very simply, rice is grown as naturally as possible, the ducks live in the paddies and their everyday habits keep the crop fertilized and free of pests. Xanh also promote a fairer deal for farmers. The clean fresh packaging echos the philosophy of the product. A wonderful coincidence allowed me give them a duck in the typography.

Duck Rice was featured on the CR feed,, and given 5 stars on It is to be featured in a new book Green Graphics by Index books. It was awarded the prestigious design of the day (25.05.10) on and will feature in their book of the 2010.


There are certain preferences, quirks, idiosyncrasies, ways of doing things and of having things done, manners and mannerisms that are singularly British. Britishisms. This folio of greeting cards uniquely celebrates some of those proclivities. Britishisms is a collaboration with Joanna Gregores.

Britishisms were featured on

There is a limited quantity for sale here.

Divine Olives

The packaging for these yummy handmade treats reflects the peaceful rolling hills, pure skies, and timeless Olive groves from which they originate. Heavenly? Definitely. The Terra Cotta cruet that contains these Divine Olives has a hundred-and-one-uses and like the label, string, cork lid, wooden beads and wax seal; will biodegrade. The terrific and talented Lydia Leith made the illustration come to life. The words come from the great John Archer.

Divine Olives were featured on


Thump was a progressive urban clothing brand with outlets in Vietnam and Australia. I was involved in everything: positioning, brand vision, identity system, marketing, retail spaces & the clothes themselves.

Some of my Thump work will be featured in a book by Hong Kong based Publisher Artpower.


Holiday Packaging

Baileys Bus

Women's Day posters.

Baileys Lounge

Direct Marketing

Limited Edition Glasses.

From 2005-2007. I was part of the team that launched Baileys in Vietnam. The first alcoholic drink to be aimed solely at Women in the country. We designed a chill-out room at local cafe and sampled using a bus at supermarkets. We used Direct Marketing and sent Strategic sales tools to outlet owners. We also ran promotions around Women’s day and designed a set of Limited Edition glasses.

Bailey’s is an established drink for high earning females in Vietnam. The work we did was remarkably affective given the small budget.

Johnnie Walker

Club Journey Membership Keyring

JW Blue Elite Club - Collectable booklets.

Gold Label Reserve - Brand Launch Key Visuals.

Authentic Product Identity and Collateral.

Johnny Tri Nguyen - 'The Pact' Campaign.

Club Journey - Direct Mail.

Johnnie Walker/ Mclaren Mercedes.

The challenge
For four years much of my time was spent working on Club Journey for Johnnie Walker. The briefs varied from Formula 1, building brand equity, sales promotions, new product launches and campaigns. Solutions were centred around the brand idea of personal progress.

Look closely
Because of ‘Dark Market’ restrictions in Vietnam we often had to use branding elements without using registered trade marks.

edge-asia built a database of over 200,000 Whisky drinkers in Vietnam, won a Diageo Asian Hero award and retained the Johnnie Walker account for six years. Shown here is a selection of the work.